About singing


Anyone can sing! Everybody has a voice!

●  You want to learn to sing?

● You sing already and would like to improve your technique?

●  You would like to sing all your favourite pieces?

●  You would like to express feelings with your voice?

Classic Vocal Studio can help you. Give it a try and you'll see that you can sing. Everyone can benefit from the classical vocal technique!

Singen lernen

A classical vocal foundation, posture, breathing and placement for all singing styles

Learn to sing correctly and with a healthy technique, then you will be able to sing beautifully and to enjoy it!

At our school you will learn the correct vocal technique stepby step!

We teach:

•  Breath control
•  Vocal development
• Healthy vocal technique for all singing styles and for all levels
•  Classical training for other styles of singing
•  Technique for advanced students
• Application of the acquired theoretical knowledge for singing

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Correct singing technique 

Healthy singing fundamentals for all singing styles: 
Classical training for all singing styles

Klassische Atemtechnik

• Proper posture, breath management

•  Controlled low and diaphragmatic breathing. Learn to breathe correctly!

• Correct vocal placement, intonation

•   Smooth register transition

•   Vocal health and voice control

•   Improve the range of the voice

• Increase the volume of the voice with vocal register expansion

For those who already sing:

• Free, natural, and confident performance of pieces of different genres and from different epochs 

•   Individual musical artistry

•  Fundamental classical voice education for soloists and choir singers, and as preparation for entrance exams to a college of music, etc. 

•   Artistic coaching

•   Preparation for performances and auditions

• Consultation regarding repertoire, coaching of studio recordings


  • All singing styles 

    Classic Vocal Studio teaches all vocal styles and genres.

    We offer low-cost trial lessons and trial packages for everyone.

    Why not give it a try?

  • Pop, Rock, Musical und Jazz 

    • Set the voice free

    • Work on correct voice placement

    • Increase the volume of the voice

    • Better stamina and power

  • Classical singing

    Learn fundamental classical technique and sing your favourite classical pieces!

    For advanced singers:
    Development of Belcanto technique!

    Coaching for professional singers

  • Choral singing 

    • Correct breathing

    • Posture (holding music or not)

    • Work through a particular piece of choral music

    • Sing major choral pieces with ease

  • Testimonials  Testimonial

    „The violin genius Yehudi Menuhin once said: singing is the true native language of all human beings. Before I began my singing lessons with the Classic Vocal Studio, the „native langauge of all human beings“ had been a foreign language to me, I had never sung and had never even dreamt of singing. These times are almost completely forgotten now. I cannot imagine my life and my week without singing lessons at Classic Vocal Studio!“
    –Olga (37), Soprano

  • TestimonialsTestimonial

    „There is hardly anything better than singing. It is a very special feeling when, after all the technical stuff, you can suddenly sing high notes or coloratura. And one learns to do that in a relaxed atmosphere with a very professional and efficient teacher. Thank you, Chelsey!“  -Annina (25), Soprano



„We've just returned from a festival in Germany – the gig was fantastic and your tips for warming up were (and are) worth their weight in gold!" -Barbara (30), metal singer