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  • Juan Lago Gesangslehrer Zürich
  • Chelsey Schill Gesangslehrerin Zürich
  • Brigitta Pálinkás Gesangslehrerin Zürich
  • Gabor Kabok Gesangslehrer Zürich
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  • New group courses and workshops

    Learn the fundamentals of singing in a group setting.

    Sing famous duets and ensembles from operas and musicals!

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    “I have never taken for granted the statement that a great artist is also a great teacher of his/her art. However, Chelsey and Juan are not only accomplished singers but also extremely nice and competent people. They recognize and develop the strengths of every student so that any student of theirs makes great progress. If I could, I would come to Classic Vocal Studio daily!“ -Melanie

    „No matter how I was feeling before my singing lesson, I always feel great afterwards! The singing lessons are professional, creative and great fun. Here one can learn to sing really well!“