Gesangsunterricht Zürich

Voice lessons in Zurich

Classic Vocal Studio was founded in 2011 by Juan Lago and Chelsey Schill and has been offering high quality singing lessons for people of all ages and levels in Zurich ever since. We teach  healthy and efficient vocal technique for all styles and genres. Anyone can learn to sing!  

Classic Vocal Studio has gained its reputation as a high quality vocal school in Zurich. More and more students come to us and enjoy voice lessons. Beginners, who had never sung a note before, discover that they actually do have a voice. Professionals learn to perfect their art, improving upon their technique. No matter what genre you would like to sing – classical, pop, rock, jazz, musical or hits – we teach any style, giving you a solid foundation. At Classic Vocal Studio, we will teach you to master the style of your choice gradually and with ease.

In addition to musicality and performance, a good quality singing lesson comprises of the development of a solid singing technique. Healthy breathing, correct posture and vocal placement is the foundation for all vocal genres. In this way, you can sing freely, expressing emotion and exploring the depths of your voice.

Classic Vocal Studio has a team of highly qualified singing teachers, who are classically trained as recital and opera singers, have an extensive experience of singing and vocal pedagogy. You can find us in the center of Zurich at three different, inviting locations.

Give us a call or write us an email, and try out a professional lesson with us in one of our beautiful studios!

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